Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Guess what??? We're still alive and well....

So, I know it has been FOREVER since I updated this blog and most people that actually followed it have long since forgotten about it or given up on it.   However, I do see that occasionally people still look at it, so I thought I would give a brief update.

We are doing well!  Our lovely and goofball daughter is 6 years old and our hilariously odd son will be 4 before the summer ends.  They have acclimated amazingly well to the family and their life here with us.  Almost too well at times...making me wonder when the crap's gonna hit the fan - because things can't possibly be THAT easy!!  

Yes, doubling our family in an instant was hard. Being a parent is hard.  Remaining constantly busy and losing sleep is hard.  Blah blah blah.  But, so many of the things (that often come with being an adoptive family/ transracial family/ internationally adoptive family - with language/culture differences etc...) have been only a mild or non-issue so far... at least in comparison to what we expected.  We over prepared for a crapload of issues...and they, well... they under delivered.  I'm certainly not complaining.

Our awesome children had pretty much NO problem learning English and catching up (within the first year or so) with most age-appropriate developmental milestones.  Our little girl just finished kindergarten with great success - and our little boy has done well in preschool and has mastered many of the "pre-kindergarten" skills expected of him. 

They are amazingly healthy, which has been an awesome blessing.  Other than an occasional sniffle and cold they have a near perfect track record.  The 6 year old little princess has never missed school (or any other event of any kind) in the past 2 years due to being sick.  3 year old peanut has only been mildly ill a couple times and was quick to recover.  I'm amazed at how strong their immune system must be and how healthy they are.  They are sturdy and strong kids and I almost feel guilty when hearing other parents talk about how their kids are often sick and miserable and losing sleep over we just haven't experienced that at all yet.  

I guess that's it for now... we are doing well.  Only thought to come do the update because Friday marks two years of having physical custody of them. 

I leave you with a pic of our family in Ethiopian clothing we bought on our 2nd trip. 

Who knows when the heck I will update this again.... so, have a nice life everyone!


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