Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No New News...

Hello Again,

Well, just wanted to give an update...which isn't much.  Our dossier has been in Ethiopia for three weeks as of yesterday.  No real news.  We will have a phone training/conference call with our agency the 2nd week of December to go over referral and travel information - so we are prepared when the time comes. 

We are both keeping busy with work and school.  We will both complete graduate degrees mid-December, so we have plenty to do and keep our minds occupied while in this stage of "waiting."  There are lots of unknowns in international adoption, but if our particular case ends up falling into the "typical" category for our agency...we may receive our referrals in the next 3-5 months (since we have nearly 1 month down already). We could get referrals much earlier than that time frame...or later, but that's at least a rough idea of what we are expecting.

I guess that's it for now.  I should really get to my final project for my M.A., which is on coaching others through procrastination.  Hmmmm... as I sit here writing this post, procrastinating from finishing up my research ON procrastination.  Guess I picked a good topic...something that resonates with me! 

Anyhow, I hope everyone is doing well.  Have a great Thanksgiving if I don't get back on here and write anything further before then!

Oh yeah, almost forgot... I think I fixed the comments thing on this blog.  It wasn't working for a while, I apparently messed it up a while back when I changed to this new background and was fiddling with all the settings.  It should work now.   :-)