Friday, August 28, 2009

Little Ethiopia in Los Angeles

Hello again, it has been too long since we last blogged...sorry about that!

Anyhow, in July we had the opportunity to go to Little Ethiopia in Los Angeles with a new friend of ours (who works at the same university as Jaime and I). Having lived in Ethiopia for several years, our friend was more than familiar with the food we would be partaking of, as well as the restaurants and shops in the area we were visiting. She was great in helping us determine what to order and how to go about eating a traditional Ethiopian meal. Having her along was a blessing indeed!! (You may notice that I have used "friend" and "her" with no name etc... This is only because I have not, as of yet, asked permission to post her name and/or picture on the internet. I know that if someone posted my picture or anything about me online without my permission - I would promptly, and without hesitation, hunt them down and slap them upside the head....with great force! So, I will go ahead and NOT do unto others that which I would not have them do unto me! Can I hear an Amen! )

Anyways, the food was great. Here is a picture of it before we dug into it!!

Here is a picture of Jaime and I pretending to be eating (but, obviously posing....). Whatever....

And finally, this is how appetizing it looks after you've finished. Mmmmmmmm...... want some?

I would go into detail about Ethiopian food, how it's prepared, and how you go about eating it etc... Except, ....yeah... I don't wanna. If you are truly that interested, we can have a conversation...OR you can take responsibility for your own learning and go google it. You'll find plenty of information AND have the joy and satisfaction of gaining the knowledge and insight on your own. Yay YOU!

Wow, I can tell by my sarcasm that I am too tired and cranky to do this anymore - so I am going to stop for now! It's not the writing that's so's just the fact that this is the first time I have tried to do a blog post with pictures embedded within it. Since I am not an 8 year old, it takes me a bit of time to figure it out and, quite frankly, it frustrates the daylights out of me. I have the attention span of a laboratory rat, so going to the online blog tutorials and reading instructions sounds about as desirable as repeatedly hitting myself in the face with a bat...with spikes in it... then cleansing the wounds with lemon juice and a salt scrub.
That's it for now....