Sunday, September 19, 2010

We Received A Court Date!!!!

So, we got the call... we have a travel date (for Trip 1)!! 

We are excited to have found out that we have a November 22nd court date.   We will be heading out to Ethiopia on the 15th of November.  We are impatiently awaiting this trip as it will be the first time we get to meet our children. Well, they are "our" children in our hearts... not quite so legally - hence the trip to Ethiopia for a court date.  Der.  Keep up, guys!  :-)

Anyhow, all sarcasm aside (well, probably not for long... I can only go 5 or so seconds at a time without it), we are thrilled to be heading to Ethiopia and having an opportunity to meet these beautiful blessings in the flesh.  Not that (occasionally and obsessively) staring at their pictures is not great and all... but we'd kind of like to see the live action 3-D version... with sound included! 

Also, we have known their sweet faces for 3 months now and already have grown attached to them and have fully integrated/"pictured" them into our lives (in our minds/hearts).  But to them, we are nothing at this point.  Not a picture.  Not a thought.  Not even a figment of their imagination.  How sad is that?  We've got to meet these kiddos already... I mean, we have to get those weird "who the crap are these random strangers and why are they in my personal space?" moments out of the way.  I mean, we can't expect to move immediately into a close parent-child relationship without going through some awkward stages first. 

We'll be: strangers, visitors, playmates, irritants, those silly pale people who speak gibberish, and even those people who took me away from everything I've ever known AND much more.  All this BEFORE we even get close to becoming: the people who comfort me, the people who take care of me, the people I trust, the people who will always be around, the people that have got my back, the people that provide my every need, the people that make me laugh, the people who read me stories and tuck me in, the people that love me and I maybe love too etc...  mom.. dad...  

There's quite a road ahead of us, we are more than aware.  At this point, with our children not even knowing of our existence, it just feels like it's a road we can't even begin to travel... not really.  Yes, we are on track with our adoption agency, immigration, the Ethiopian court, and the U.S. embassy etc.. to make these children legally ours.  But, until the children are actually IN our lives - we can't begin to bond, form a relationship, and begin learning together how to BE a family.  Agencies, courts, and governments can't really begin to touch that. That's up to us ... and we are ready for that phase and challenge.  So, November... get your butt here already!!!

Well, on a lighter note:  we also recently received updated pictures of our cuties.  They are growing fast and looking good.  Our one year old boy is sitting up in a chair and looking beyond adorable with his gorgeous eyes. He seems a bit hesitant with this whole sit there for a picture idea...but, is not visibly irritated as in one of the last updates  Our 3 year old girl is looking cute as ever as well.  She is striking some fierce little poses that make me giggle just a bit.  She has awesomely expressive eyebrows - that in previous pictures have shown her laughter and mischief... and are now showing a little attitude.  She's already a true Greener... even if she doesn't yet know it!

Well, that's all I've got.  You can breathe a sigh of relief... this update is finally over.  Sorry, but since I update so infrequently I have to squeeze in a lot of stuff each time!

Have a good one!