Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Got An Embassy Date!!!!

Hello All, 

Well, our season of waiting is FINALLY coming to an end!!!  We received word that our embassy date is going to be July 13th.   Now, that's not as soon as we'd hoped (after hearing earlier in the week we'd likely be cleared to travel soon)...but, we'll certainly take it.  We are definitely used to waiting - that's for sure.  So, what's another couple of weeks?

Anyhow, we have sent off some information to a travel agent that is looking into our flight possibilities at this moment.  Hopefully we will have our itinerary ironed out within the next day or so. 

Oh yeah, I also have to get my butt in gear and contact the guest house we stayed at in November and see if they have any vacancies as well!  If not, there's more research for me to do.... 

Well, just wanted to give a quick update!  Will be writing on here more often now that there is actually something happening and something to say.  There wasn't much need to post on this adoption blog during those months that the process was in (what felt like) a stand still.  But now, before you know it, we'll be allowed to post pictures of our beautiful kids and can also post about our time in Ethiopia. 

That's it for now!