Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Hello and Happy Easter (okay, a bit late... deal with it gracefully please)!!!

So, I hope you all had a great Easter and all that jazz.   Jaime and I had a good one.  We ended up attending church at Angel Stadium, it was Saddleback church's 30th anniversary celebration and Easter service all in one.  We went with some family who attend the church regularly in Lake Forest.  The pic below is the view we had from where we were seated.  It was a good service, although we had to miss the Easter service at our own church to go. 

We went to lunch with a LARGE group of family members and then headed to my grandfather's place to hide Easter eggs for the kids.  But, before we hid eggs some family members gave Jaime and I some Easter gifts that they had gotten for our children.  We are still waiting for our referral call, so at this point we don't even know who our children are...but, they have plenty of gifts waiting for them when we finally get to bring them home!

The lighting in the pic below isn't great...apparently my halo was shining too bright - which really distorted it.  It's actually quite a common occurence.   :-) 

Last year we didn't seem to have all that many eggs to hide, so this year everyone overcompensated (by bringing too many) and we had way more eggs to hide than we had places to hide them. That led us to some more artistic (and not so "hidden") places to hide eggs. Once our creativity waned we just started throwing them on the grass. Below is some of our more interesting hiding places.

Someone decorated my car...

So, I took the liberty of creating a "wheel of many colors" out of my sister's car.

At least the hidden egg matches the wiseman's ring and collar of his robe.  Yes, there is one of the wisemen out in the yard, and no I don't know why.  Thanks for asking.    ;-)

Well, that's it for the egg hiding. 

Now, to the update portion of the post.  It's been 5 months and 3 weeks since we have been awaiting our referral.  We have no news yet....we are still waiting.  Hopefully we will hear something soon.  Guess that's it for now.

Have a good week everyone!