Friday, September 25, 2009


Another quick update!!

Jaime and I got back from the fair last night and got the mail on the way in. To our surprise we had received something from the Department of Homeland Security. It was the I171H approval!! We were not anticipating receiving that for another couple of weeks or so... So, we are thrilled that it came only 9 business days after I filed our home study report at the Los Angeles USCIS office.

Anyhow, now I have to scramble up some paperwork real quick and have it notarized and send in some documents to Sacramento. By the end of next week we should be sending our dossier off to our agency in Oregon....

That's it for now... oh yeah, yes - we did have fun at the L.A. County Fair! Just looked at the exhibit halls and did some shopping. We don't care about the games, rides, concerts, food and all that - so we were just there a few hours which was plenty!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Paperwork turned in to USCIS

Hello All,

Just wanted to give a quick update. First of all, for those of you that don't already know, Jaime and I have changed our request to two children. Besides a boy 0-18months old we will also be adopting a child 0-4yrs of age (we are not specifying gender... so, we will see what God has in mind!!). We are excited that in the coming months we will be doubling our family!! Okay, a little nervous too... it will be an adjustment for sure, but we will figure it out as we go. That's pretty typical with parenting anyhow... right? Yeah, no need to respond.... I know I'm right, and humble too - apparently! J/K.

Anyhow, as for an update on where we are in the process: as of tomorrow (Friday Sept 25th) it will have been 2 weeks since we drove our home study report in to the immigration office in Los Angeles and turned it in. The approval they give (called an I171H, which clears us to bring two children into the U.S.) should arrive in a couple weeks or so. This document is the last item we need to complete our dossier. So, as soon as it gets in I will be sending (a copy of) it to be state certified. Once that gets back we will send the whole packet to our adoption agency. After they review it and have a couple documents certified in Washington DC.... .THEN our dossier will be sent to Ethiopia. We are hoping that our dossier (reminder: a dossier is just a fancy name for "exhaustive mound of paperwork.") will arrive in Ethiopia by the end of October. At that point we will be officially "waiting" for the referral of our children.

That's it for now! Hope all is well with everyone! Have a great weekend and behave yourselves...